1. Your Number Zero (3:19)

So far away
It’s hard to say
I was gonna be here long before

It can’t be changed
It’s once arranged
Your heart will never be cured

I see it after all
Too bad I just want you more
Wanna listen to you

I see this after all
Up against all what you saw
Will be your number zero

One last try
Save my life
Look me up and come to my help

Sky will fall
And make me growl
Make me go home just on my own

I want to breathe you in
Gonna repay all my sins
Every minute forever

Be alone with you
Only thing I ask you to.
To be your number zero.

Close to me,
Whisper all the things you feel
And then you walk away

After all
You are turning down the fire
Say what you have to say

Close to me
Going down the longest road
Something will never be changed

After all
It’s going to backfire
Leave me behind your wall…